I’m sure by now most of you know that I am planning my next big cross country adventure. Not too long ago I was heading out on my first trip. It was then that my love for the camper life started, and I can’t wait to get back on the open road. 

Where It All Began

My first adventure started in 2016 when I from Key West to Washington State, and I did it in only 4 days! Everything I owned came with me, no storage space back home, I just kept the essentials and hit the road. Of course, the essentials included a folding bike and kayak. Migo, my furry companion joined me as well!

I lived in the camper for two years, roaming all over the country, photographing couples and families along the way. At times I stayed with friends but my preferred setup was to be parked in the middle of nowhere, enjoying the unique nature around me. 

Ultimate Hippy

Along the way, I took my hippiness to new levels. One of my goals was to get certified to teach yoga so I studied yoga along the way, I took courses at several different schools around the country and finally completed my 200hr yoga teaching certificate in Santa Cruz. I also performed on my unicycle and with the diabolo at a few festivals across the country. I photographed a nude bash completely naked for 4 days in Florida and spent a winter at Estes Park outside Rocky Mountain National Park. 

There were so many good moments along the way. My truck bursting into flames when the brakes overheated going down a hill in Death Valley. Living in a house with 12 hippies in Florida, backpacking Mt. Whitney with my friends who are now getting married in Santa Barbara. There were good times and hard times, highs and lows. But I wouldn’t change a thing. I tried to capture as much of it as possible. and I hope the photos do it justice. The memories of all that I experienced, all of the fun, the adventure, the freedom, they will be with me forever.

The Next Adventure

And now it’s time to do it all over again, with a few adjustments. My set up will be slightly smaller, a sprinter van, fully equipped with solar panels and a composting toilet so I can go off the grid and explore the unknown. 

I pick up the van in Florida, travel to North Carolina to a few photoshoots. I used to teach second grade for five years in North Carolina and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and students. Next I’ll head to Ohio for an engagement session then back to Michigan for a few weeks and of course some more photos in my favorite spots. Then it’s over to the west coast. I’ll be in Denver for some family photos and then it’s over to Santa Barbara. There I’ll photograph my friend’s wedding, we bonded when hiking Mt. Whitney together on my last adventure and I can’t wait to capture their special day. 

The goal is to stay in Santa Cruz for a few months and continue my study of yoga. Once I’ve got my 500 hr yoga certificate I head up to Alaska. There I’ll teach children for a few months, teach yoga and of course shoot some rad photos. 

To say I’m looking forward to this next adventure would be an understatement. I can’t wait to be back out on the open road, photographing rad people in amazing locations! If you wanna plan a photoshoot along the way, get in touch! In the meantime enjoy a few photos from my last travels.