I was just stepping out of a yoga class at Yen in downtown Traverse City when Kendall Rose of the Revel Rose wedding planning messaged me on Instagram.  “Josh random question. Are you still in town? I have my dress in my car because I was going to take it to get cleaned BUT the snow is so pretty and I was wondering if you’d want to do a mini shoot?” Of course I was totally game for a snowy bridal session in Traverse City. The snow was that big flakey kind that just floated down. If Kendall hadn’t messaged me, I was going to drag my friend’s cat I was watching into the snow just to have a subject to shoot. I knew the snow wouldn’t last long. Luckily Kendall did message me and I happened to have my photography kit on me.

A Snowy Bridal Session in Traverse City

Next thing you know we were at the Boardman River and I was photographing Kendall in her beautiful flow dress with fluffy snow falling. Kendall played near the bridge overlooking the water and even gathered a little bouquet in a meadow. Kendall is a natural in front of the camera and she was so much fun to shoot. We spent a half hour at Boardman before heading to the beach right in downtown Traverse City. There we continued making pretty photos.

The snow was coming down hard for our bridal session in Traverse City. The wind had picked up at this point, but Kendall ran out to the beach and walked right at the edge of the water. She found a staff and looked like an ice princess out of Game of Thrones. We finished up the session on the snow covered rocks of Traverse City. Thank you Kendall for braving the cold with me. I had so much fun on our snowy bridal session in Traverse City.

Josh Hartman – Traverse City Wedding Photographer

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