Hey there, adventurous seniors! If you’re dreaming of stunning senior portraits amidst the breathtaking beauty of Sleeping Bear Dunes, you’re in for a treat. 🌅📸 I’ve had the pleasure of capturing some incredible moments with graduates like Nathaniel, Emerson, and Harsen.

Sunset Sleeping Bear Dunes Session Girl


Here are some tips to make your own sunset adventure session unforgettable:

1. Embrace Your Vision: Like Nathaniel, bring your vision to life. Know what you want from your senior portraits, whether it’s the dunes, the water, or both. Communicate your ideas with your photographer.

Sunset Sleeping Bear Dunes Senior Seeion


2. Play with Golden Hour: Sunset at Sleeping Bear Dunes is pure magic. Just ask Emerson. We chased that golden hour light, resulting in photos that glow with warmth and radiance. So, schedule your session close to sunset for that dreamy lighting.

Girl Sunset Sleepinig Bear Dunes


3. Confidence is Key: Embrace your inner confidence like Emerson. Don’t worry about posing – let your natural beauty shine through. Multiple outfits are a plus to add variety to your photos.

Glen Haven Sleeping Bear Dunes Senior Session


4. Adventure Awaits: Harsen’s session at the iconic Dune Climb proves that epic backdrops are everywhere. If you’re up for a little adventure, consider hiking and exploring the dunes for unique shots.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Senior Session


5. Include Loved Ones: Family can add a special touch. Like Nathaniel, bring your parents for some laughter and comic relief. Genuine smiles and heartwarming moments are guaranteed.

Family Senior Session Sleeping Bear Dunes


6. Mix Up Your Wardrobe: Variety adds spice to your senior photos. From casual tees to cozy long sleeves for cooler evenings, be prepared for all the moments.

Senior Photos Multiple Outfits Sleeping Bear Dunes


Ready to create your own senior adventure at Sleeping Bear Dunes? Reach out, and let’s plan a session as unique as you are! Stay tuned for more #SleepingBearDunes senior adventures on the blog and Instagram. 🌅📸 #SeniorPortraits #AdventureAwaits

Josh Hartman – Sleeping Bear Dunes Senior Photographer


Session Sleeping Bear Dunes Senior Photos