Every love story is a unique masterpiece, and Cody and Macie’s elopement at the breathtaking Esch Road Beach was a canvas painted with genuine emotions and shared moments.

A Serene Sunrise Ceremony at Esch Road Beach

As the sun graced the horizon, Cody and Macie exchanged their vows at 9 am on a tranquil Saturday morning at the enchanting Esch Road Beach. The backdrop of the beach and the soft light created a serene atmosphere, providing the perfect setting for their heartfelt promises.

Unexpected Witnesses at Esch Road Beach

In a twist of fate, Cody and Macie invited two strangers from the parking lot to witness their union at Esch Road Beach. Sometimes, the most beautiful stories are written by chance encounters, and these witnesses added an unexpected touch of authenticity to their day.

Sunrise Elopement on Esch Road BeachEsch Road Beach Esch Road Beach Elopement


Capturing Raw Emotions by the Shores of Esch Road Beach

After the vows, we captured the raw emotions and candid interactions that define Cody and Macie’s relationship against the stunning backdrop of Esch Road Beach. The waves, sand, and horizon blended seamlessly with their love, resulting in timeless images that reflect the depth of their connection.

Exploring the Dune Bluffs in Empire

Our journey continued as we explored a favorite trail in Empire, capturing the essence of Cody and Macie’s adventurous spirits against the backdrop of Esch Road Beach. The trail’s natural beauty mirrored their authenticity, adding another layer to their story.


Esch Road Beach Elopement EmpireEmpire Elopement SessionCouple Exploring Empire Beach Elopement Empire Bluffs Elopement


A Meaningful Elopement at Esch Road Beach

As their photographer, I am grateful to have documented these fleeting moments at Esch Road Beach that encapsulate their unique journey. Cody and Macie, may your days be filled with the same spontaneity, authenticity, and boundless love that you shared on that remarkable morning.

Josh Hartman – Empire Elopement Photographer


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