In a recent studio session at Studio North Collective, I had the joy of photographing someone very dear to me—Diana, the love of my life. Diana danced with a ribbon painting the air with vibrant streaks.



Diana shared her thoughts on her chosen instrument, the ribbon. When asked about her first encounter with ribbon dancing, Diana recalled being captivated by the gymnasts who, with a six-meter-long satin ribbon, created shapes that seemed to defy the bounds of creativity—snakes and spirals that flowed like water around the dancer’s body.



The choice of outfit, Diana explained, usually leans towards elegance, aiming not to distract from the face. Yet, for our session, she chose bright colors—a bold move to complement the expressive movements of ribbon dancing. These outfits, vibrant and eye-catching, were selected to enhance the visual impact of the ribbon’s flow, all while ensuring comfort and grace.


Diana’s connection with the ribbon is profound. It’s an extension of her, originating from her wrist and moving with her as if it were a part of her body. She enjoys the feeling of spinning, describing it as creating a hypnotic effect.



As a Traverse City headshot photographer, my passion extends beyond the traditional, embracing the vibrant world of creative movement. Whether you’re a dancer like Diana, a martial artist, or a yogi, your movement tells a story—let’s tell it together. My photography isn’t just about capturing a moment; it’s about capturing the emotion and energy that drive your passion.

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Josh Hartman – Traverse City Headshot Photographer