Recently, I had the immense privilege of being part of a truly special elopement in the enchanting dunes of Glen Arbor. This wasn’t just any elopement – it was a story of newfound love and strength.

The Quest for the Perfect Beach

The bride reached out with a vision of a quick elopement surrounded only by her beloved fiance, their pastor, and her children. No guests, just an intimate gathering by the beach. Her request was for a private and beautiful beach location that resonated with their beachy color palette and deep love for the outdoors. And so, the search for the perfect spot began.


Glen Haven Beach ElopementElopement Sleeping Bear Dunes Glen Arbor


Glen Haven Beach: A Slice of Paradise

The answer came in the form of Glen Haven Beach – a hidden gem nestled within Glen Arbor’s embrace. This secluded haven was the ideal setting for their heartfelt ceremony. With soft sands and the gentle lull of Lake Michigan’s waves, it created the most picturesque backdrop.


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A Ceremony to Remember

As the sun cast its golden hues, the small gathering stood on the shore, with the bride’s children in their elegant white dresses and the boys in their crisp khakis and white shirts. The bride’s ivory white dress beautifully contrasted with her fiance’s sand-colored suit and white tie. And there, with the sky above and the lake as witness, they exchanged vows that spoke of hope and a future filled with promise.


Sunset Family Session Sleeping Bear Point Elopement Elopement Sunset Sleeping Bear Dunes


Capturing Nature’s Palette

With the ceremony complete, it was time for another chapter of their love story – a chapter written against the breathtaking backdrop of Sleeping Bear Dunes at sunset. The dunes’ rich greens and the warm sand created a canvas of natural beauty. The bride’s dream of vibrant colors came alive against this stunning backdrop.


Family Elopement Sleeping Bear Dunes Family Elopement Glen Arbor


A Starting Over Story

As the evening sun dipped below the horizon, I couldn’t help but be moved by the beauty of their journey and the love that bloomed amidst nature’s embrace. To the bride who shared her story of starting over and to the couple who embarked on this beautiful journey, thank you for letting me be a part of your day.

If you’re dreaming of your own unique elopement story or seeking a photographer to capture your precious moments, I’m here to turn your vision into reality. Let’s create magic together.

Josh Hartman – Glen Arbor Elopement Photographer


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