A few months ago I was down in Florida. At the time I was going through a separation, career change, and roaming around looking for a purpose. I heard of a place called the Dream House and I was sleeping in my truck at the time and just needed a place to park and shower. So I pull up to the Dream House and find 15 roomies living in this big beautiful home right in the heart of Gainesville, FL. I knock on the door and find out that I need to wait to talk to a guy named Eze, who should be back in another 15 minutes. I wait in the backyard when Eze pulls up on his motorcycle and takes off his helmet to reveal a big grin and long curly hair. And that’s how I came to meet Eze Sanchez.

Eze is a smiley dude who emanates a confident calm energy and radiates life.  He’s the kind of guy you gravitate towards and want to get to know better. While I was living at the Dream House, I discovered that Eze is a licensed massage therapist who earned his certification at the School of Massage in Gainesville. More specifically, he’s a holistic health practitioner offering all different types of massage and healing therapies as well as life coaching. I also found out that Eze is a teacher who is more than happy to share his meditation practices, diet, and healing. Eze invited me to his space in downtown Gainesville. Here’s where he works with clients to find physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance and health. I got to see Eze doing what he does best, providing his patients educated, loving touch. Eze also gave his time and energy to help guide his clients to a more balanced life. When people are talking, Eze has a way of giving 100% of his attention (which I think is really rare in today’s world). Eze really listens and that comes from the fact that he really cares. During life coaching sessions, he also offers excellent clarifying questions and politely nudges you to see that those “problems” are merely challenges. Needless to say, I signed up for my own life coaching sessions and my time with Eze really helped me gain clarity by defining my goals and removing obstacles that were inhibiting me from reaching those goals. What’s more, Eze inspired me to take those first steps. And right now I’m on the opposite side of the country in Santa Cruz, CA beginning my yoga studies to become a teacher. I feel much more balanced in my life and I know that is largely because of my time with Eze Sanchez. Thank you Eze.

Josh Hartman, Yoga Teacher in Training

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