The Comeaux family are GOAT – Greatest of All Time!! Apparently, that’s what the cool kids are saying these days and it couldn’t describe this family more perfectly. They recently took on the most exciting adventure, opening their own goat farm! So yeah, they’re literally GOAT. Their new farm The Land of Milk and Honey in Northern Michigan was the perfect location for a family photo session. They were such a genuine and lovely family. Making this one of the most epic family sessions ever! 

Extraordinary Family

You can feel the love among the family instantly and this truly came across in their photos. Chris and Stefany have worked hard to give their daughters such an amazing upbringing. Their lives are full of unique experiences and outdoor adventures that are sure to create lasting memories. While Chris and Stefany are from Chicago, they now proudly call Northern Michigan home, and just moving away from the city wasn’t enough for them, they wanted even more of a challenge. So they recently decided to buy some property and start their own goat farm! Talk about amazing! While anyone may look at them and wonder how on earth they do it all, they stay humble. Stefany has said, “we are ordinary people who dare to try extraordinary things!” And they are proving to be successful at being extraordinary while maintaining humility. 

Farm Living

Of course, being first-generation farmers comes with its own challenges, like learning how to care for baby goats and honey bees. But the rewards have been immense and you can see that in the smiles on their faces. As we explored the property near their farms, took the puppies for a walk and hung with the goats, everyone was joyful and happy. 

True Happiness

Stefany wanted the photos to be relaxed and natural, the idea of family photos can at times be intimidating, especially for the moms. So we put no pressure on the images, no forced poses, or awkward outfits, just the family enjoying themselves and each other in a place they love and the results were outstanding 

“We didn’t obsess about what we were wearing or striking the perfect pose.  We were relaxed – we were ourselves – and these photos captured us more genuinely than any pictures we’ve ever had taken as a family.  Both the family adventure experience and the resulting photos are a treasure to our family”

Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for letting me be a part of this great adventure! I can’t wait to see where The Land of Milk and Honey goes! 


Traverse City Family Photographer