Old Mission Peninsula

I recently went out to Old Mission Peninsula with Anthony and Kasey to take their engagement photos. There are so many great places for photos in Northern Michigan but Old Mission Peninsula is such a rad spot! It is absolutely ideal for an engagement session. The peninsula jets right out into Lake Michigan. There are scenic country roads, endless nature walks and plenty of vineyards! The ideal spot for engagement photos. Taking photos out there is always a joy and I couldn’t be more pleased with the images we were able to capture. Of course, having an adventure loving, gorgeous couple like Anthony and Kasey always makes it more enjoyable as well. 

A Special Place

Anthony and Kasey call Detroit, Michigan, home but shared their first place together in Traverse City. They’ve always held it as a special place. Although they are getting married in Detroit, they wanted to incorporate Traverse City into their wedding. What better way than with timeless engagement photos capturing loving moments to last a lifetime.

Kasey and Anthony are an outdoorsy couple, adventurous at heart. Their favorite spot is Power Island, they love to boat out there and enjoy the scenic views and of course, each others company. One of their favorite pass times is planning exciting trips together, especially their yearly camping trip, what a cool couple!  While they love coastal and outdoor spots all throughout Northern Michigan, they also enjoy the food and drink scene that it Traverse City has to offer. Low Bar in Traverse City is one of their favorite hangouts, and I don’t blame them. 

The Perfect Pair

They are the ideal couple, not only because they are so easy to photograph, but because they have such a fun and loving relationship. Anthony is a born and raised Detroit musician, he’s been playing and teaching trumpet for almost 20 years. Kasey is a military brat, full of passion and talents, together they complement each other, bringing out each other’s best qualities. For the shoot, we explored several areas of Old Mission Peninsula, hiked through the forest, walked through vineyards and even enjoyed a few glasses of wine! And, of course, captured it all so they have lasting memories of this special area and the love they share not only for it but for each other. 


Thank you for allowing me to bring a little bit of home to your wedding!

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Old Mission Engagement Photos
Old Mission Engagement Photos
Old Mission Engagement Photos