Dreaming of a fall elopement or engagement in Northern Michigan? Let’s turn your vision into reality with a backdrop of Michigan’s renowned autumn hues. I’ve curated a collection of my favorite photos from fall adventures with couples across Empire, Traverse City, Northport, and Old Mission Peninsula. Discover scenic spots to make your elopement truly enchanting.

Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive: For dune views and fall color, Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive is a gem. With a covered bridge, multiple overlooks, and vibrant foliage in October, it’s perfect for easy access and outfit changes.


Elopement Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive


Trails of Empire, Michigan: Empire’s trails and beaches are fall wonders. The trees retain their leaves, and options like Empire Beach and the Empire Bluff Trail offer a mix of dunes, woods, and dramatic views.


Stormer Road Northport MichiganFall Sunset Elopement Empire Michigan


Sleeping Bear Point, Glen Haven: A picturesque spot, but visit earlier in fall to catch the leaves before the wind sweeps them away. Prepare for the breeze and stunning sandy beaches.


Proposal Northern MichiganElopement at Sleeping Bear Dunes


Slow Down in Northport, Michigan: Escape the bustling scenes of popular trails. Northport boasts rocky beaches, a lighthouse, and serene forested views. Explore the Lighthouse West Natural Area and discover charming fall color in the town itself.


Northern Michigan Couple Elopement Carter and Margo's Joyful Nature-Infused Shoot


Near Downtown Traverse City: Opt for trails closer to Traverse City, like Old Mission Peninsula, Brown Bridge Quiet Area, and the Boardman River. Enjoy fall color a bit later in the season compared to Sleeping Bear Dunes.


Pelizzari Natural Area Fall

Your Fall Photo Adventure Awaits

Embark on an unforgettable fall adventure in Northern Michigan. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by choices, I’m here to help. Reach out with your questions and let’s plan a breathtaking fall elopement amidst Michigan’s seasonal splendor.

See you on the trailhead!

Josh Hartman