I’ve met lots of people in my travels and I’ve made many friends. But there are a few people that I hold near and dear to my heart. I am so grateful to call Brittany and Ross my good friends. These two are incredibly sweet. I met them while camping in downtown Vegas at the good ol’ Sam’s KOA. They live a minimalist lifestyle in their little camper with their two dogs and cat. Ross is a very talented photographer. Seriously, he knows more about photography than anyone I have met and he captures some of the most incredible landscapes. And Brittany is an amazing aerialist and model. In fact, Brittany is Ross’s number one subject in his photographs. Check out Ross and Brittany’s instagram here.


Ross knows all the best spots around Vegas to photograph. Like I said, he’s the smartest photographer I know. And so when Ross recommended a hike in Death Valley, I knew it would be good and I was also super excited to explore some new territory. Death Valley in the winter is absolutely gorgeous. In some areas it’s super flat, but in other areas the roads climb forever. It’s actually a little intimidating to drive through. I had my brakes burn out on one downhill section, but that’s another story. The constant wind and heat in Death Valley change the landscape everyday. And so when you go to Death Valley, you can guarantee that next year it will be a little different. And nothing really grows in Death Valley, so it’s  just open landscape in all directions. I started my session with Brittany and Ross along the Canyons by the Furnace Creek Inn. I captured some shots of the two  hiking up the spine of a sand hill, Brittany in her red flowy dress that popped against the blue skies. We then headed to one of my favorite spots, Zabriskie Point. The shadows were super fun to capture as the sun lowered in the sky. Thank you so much Brittany and Ross for joining me on this adventure. I can’t wait to see you in Vegas next time.

Josh Hartman – Traverse City Wedding Photographer

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