Nestled in the heart of Glen Haven, Sleeping Bear Dunes boasts an enchanting backdrop for love stories. Devin and Haley’s proposal is a shining example of how this location can turn a special moment into an unforgettable memory. Devin chose the early morning to ensure an intimate, secluded experience for their proposal. The absence of other foot traffic allowed for an undisturbed moment filled with anticipation.


Sleeping Bear Dunes Proposal AdventureTraverse City Proposal Photographer


For the proposal site, we selected a picturesque dune that overlooked the breathtaking expanse of Lake Michigan. As their proposal photographer, I concealed myself amidst the trees, ready to capture their big moment. When Devin knelt down to pop the question, Haley’s genuine astonishment and joy created priceless memories.


Sleeping Bear Dunes Glen Haven Proposal


After the proposal, we continued our adventure by exploring landscapes of Sleeping Bear Dunes, from the tranquil shores to the scenic meadows. The result? A collection of beautiful photos that truly reflect the love and excitement of this incredible day.


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Devin’s thoughtful planning didn’t end there. He structured the proposal excursion around a fancy breakfast and a visit to a local winery. This clever approach ensured that Haley arrived dressed up, without Devin having to give away any hints. Moreover, Devin’s decision to keep the hike light, without a bulky backpack and unnecessary extras, allowed us to capture clean and genuine moments.


Couple Dunes Proposal AdventureSleeping Bear Dunes ProposalGlen Haven Sleeping Bear Dunes Proposal


I’m thrilled to share a sneak peek of Devin and Haley’s special day, delivered just one day after their proposal. If you’re envisioning your own unforgettable proposal adventure, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can also explore my proposal archives for more inspiration, locations, and proposal tips. Your dream proposal awaits! 💍🌅📸


Josh Hartman – Sleeping Bear Dunes Proposal Photographer


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