Hello, dear friends! I’ve had the incredible pleasure of embarking on some delightful family photography journeys recently, and I’m excited to share the magic with you. 🌿📸

Capturing Tranquility at Brown Bridge Quiet Area

As summer comes to an end and another school year begins, a lovely family chose the serenity of Brown Bridge Quiet Area near Traverse City for their session. 🍂🍃 Their choice resonates with the changing seasons, capturing the essence of a family trip up north. I was thrilled to see the Brown Bridge family’s vibrant choice of attire. They decided to wear all the colors of the rainbow, and it was an absolute joy to capture.



Boundless Joy at Sleeping Bear Point

My heart remains tethered to the timeless charm of Sleeping Bear Point trail in Glen Haven, an ideal adventure spot for families in the months of July and August. ⛰️🌅

A multi-family session unfolded beautifully here. Smartly splitting the time, these families took advantage of the opportunity to pay half while enjoying a seamless experience together. Laughter echoed as two families who shared an annual vacation in Glen Arbor came together.


Sleeping Bear Point Family Session Sleeping Bear Point Family Session Sleeping Bear Point Family Session Glen Haven


Enchanted Trails at Crystal Mountain’s Art Legacy

A recent family gathering took me to the captivating Art Legacy trail at Crystal Mountain. 🌲🏞️ A forested path led us on a fun and brief hike, creating the perfect canvas for a family filled with laughter and love. The sight of three little girls dressed in matching outfits was an absolute delight, adding an extra layer of adorableness to the entire scene. Grandparents and eight cousins joined the frame, with the older boy cousins twirling the girls around.


Candid Crystal Mountain Photographer Art Legacy Trail Crystal Mountain Family Photo Session


Let’s Create Your Family Story

Whether amidst enchanting trails, by the tranquil waters, or nestled in a favorite corner of nature, let’s capture the essence of your family’s story. 📸✨

Curious to know more or ready to embark on your photography adventure? I can’t wait to connect and plan a session that echoes the uniqueness of your family’s love and togetherness.


Josh Hartman – Your Family Photography Storyteller