Step into the heartfelt session at Good Harbor Bay Beach as the Cunninghams, a family of five, embrace the serene beauty of Lake Michigan together.

With everyone donning white, symbolizing their unity, the family shared laughter, built sandcastles, and chased the fading sunlight by the water’s edge. Amidst the vibrant summer atmosphere of Good Harbor Bay Beach, candid moments unfolded naturally.


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Sarah sought to capture her children’s curiosity and innocence. Guided by the enchanting scenery of Michigan, we created a relaxed environment where her family could be themselves. As a candid family photographer, I specialize in turning these genuine connections into lasting memories.

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Discover the art of preserving authentic family bonds against Michigan’s breathtaking landscapes.

Connect with me and embark on your journey of capturing timeless memories at Good Harbor Bay Beach.

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See you at the trailhead!

Josh Hartman – Sleeping Bear Dunes Family Photographer