In the picturesque town of Harbor Springs, I had the honor of working with the incredibly talented Mary Cash, a local glass artist with a passion for her craft that’s as radiant as the pieces she creates. Mary is more than an artist; she’s a magician with glass, turning the ordinary into extraordinary with every delicate move.

This session was a unique blend of business and art, showcasing Mary’s captivating headshots alongside glimpses into her mesmerizing craft. In just 45 minutes, we captured the essence of her artistry, ensuring she has a treasure trove of over 50 edited photos to light up her LinkedIn and social media.


Headshot Photographer Mary Cash Glass Blower


Meet Mary Cash: 🌟

At 28 years old, Mary’a artistic journey revolves around expanding her techniques while dancing with glass, whether it’s a scorching 2000° or the soothing room temperature. The beauty is in the glass’s fluidity, a dance of form and artistry that Mary perfects with every piece.


Harbor Springs Headshot Photographer


Mary’s love for Harbor Springs shines through her top spots in town:

  • Small Batch at the Cupola for the best breakfast in the county.
  • Pond Hill Farm, where her heart dances for their grilled cheese and the delightful company of goats.
  • Bar Harbor, a post-work oasis where she can unwind and let the day’s stresses melt away.



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