Capturing the essence of intimate moments, I recently had the privilege to document two stunning elopements in the picturesque town of Leland, this small town nestled in the heart of Leelanau County with a population of 410, has quickly become one of my favorite photo destinations.


Vans Beach Leland Elopement Leland Elopement Vans Beach


Tanya and Warren’s Beachside Bliss

Tanya, an ardent follower of my work since 2018, envisioned her elopement to be beautifully simple. We met on Vans Beach for an enchanting ceremony, capturing their love against the backdrop of Lake Michigan’s serene expanse. Following their vows, we embarked on an exploration of Leland’s charming corners, including the iconic bridge overlooking Falling Waters Lodge and the captivating allure of Carlson’s Fishery.


Falling Waters Lodge Elopement LelandLake Michigan Elopement Couples Session We Eloped in Leland Michigan Couple Sign Northport Harbor Couple Eloping Michigan Northport M22 Photo Session Eloping


Andreya and Tyler’s Coastal Dream

Under the pines of Good Harbor Bay, Andreya and Tyler exchanged their vows, surrounded by nature’s tranquility. Our journey then led us to Leland’s vibrant Fishtown. Amid the weathered docks and the gentle flow of the Leland River, I captured their authentic connection. The day was made complete with cherished moments with family and friends behind the Riverside Inn, and a glimpse of their reception dinner’s charm.


Sunset Elopement Northport MichiganLeland Elopement Photographer Leland Michigan Elopement Leland Riverside Inn Dinner Riverside Inn Elopement Leland Riverside Inn Leland Michigan


Plan Your Dream Leland Elopement

If you’re envisioning an intimate elopement against the backdrop of Leland’s breathtaking landscapes, I’d love to help bring your dream to life. Whether it’s a serene beachside ceremony or an enchanting stroll through Fishtown’s historic charm, your love story deserves to be celebrated in this picturesque setting. Reach out to me to craft your perfect Leland elopement experience. 

Josh Hartman – Leland Elopement Photographer