On Old Mission Peninsula, Lauren and Jessie chose to celebrate their love surrounded by their  closest family. Their elopement unfolded against the picturesque backdrop of Mission Point Lighthouse and later on Bowers Harbor Vineyards. On a cool March day, the tranquility of the season and the sparse crowd made for an intimate ceremony. Here’s a glimpse into their special day and some tips for those considering an elopement on the peninsula.


Mission Point Lighthouse Mission Point Lighthouse

The Ceremony

The day began at Mission Point Lighthouse, where Lauren, Jessie, and their immediate family gathered. The cool March air, the quiet of the off-season, and the majesty of the lighthouse provided a serene setting for their vows. The family, spirited and excited, arrived by bus from their stay at the Delamar Hotel in Traverse City—a perfect choice for its convenience and elegance.


Old Mission Peninsula Elopement Mission Point Elopement


The overcast sky lent a soft light to the family photos and the couple’s portraits that followed. The offshore rocks added depth and a sense of adventure to their photos.


Family Photos Elopement Lighthouse Elopement Beach Old Mission Peninsula Old Mission Peninsula Couples Photos Mission Point Lighthouse


The Celebration

Afterwards, the celebration moved to Bowers Harbor Vineyards. The family gathered under the cozy warmth of heaters in the outdoor tent area, embracing the rainy weather as part of their unique story.


Bowers Harbor Vineyards Old Mission Peninsula


I stole some moments with Lauren and Jessie for couples’ photos around the vineyard. The large vines  formed a natural canopy and provided a romantic setting that seemed straight out of a fairy tale.


Old Mission Peninsula Elopement


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Josh Hartman – Old Mission Elopement Photographer