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Alicia and Matt drove up from Grand Rapids for their Traverse City Elopement. These two are originally from Milwaukee and have been making the drive to Northern Michigan for many years.

“Traverse City has become one of our fall weekend traditions. We always make sure to visit our favorite wineries, Mama Lu’s taco shop, and the world’s cutest airBnB – the Wadsworth’s Inn. Taking pictures in Traverse City seemed to commemorate both our fall tradition as well as our new life together in Michigan!” ~Alicia

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Gift of Light | The Best Time to Schedule a Northern Michigan Elopement

We woke up bright and early for Alicia and Matt’s photos at the dunes. Sunrise is best for iconic locations if we want to get there before the crowd while still getting that early morning glow. Photographing at the break of day ensures our photos have dreamy lighting, and beautiful tones.  Sunset for the golden hour is great if you aren’t a morning person but still want the surreal colors in the sky.

Golden Hour is worth more than photos mid-day. While mid-day is not ideal, it’s not impossible to work with.


Sleeping Bear Dunes Elopement


Iconic Beauty| Where I Like to Shoot

The Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes is my favorite spot to shoot and where the majority of my photos are taken. There’s just something about those rolling sandy hills leading up to Lake Michigan that is alluring to me.  I’ve taken numerous people to the dunes, some already have a love for Sleeping Bear Dunes because of childhood vacations, or maybe a recent engagement. Sometimes I have the pleasure of introducing this wonderful place to someone new who hasn’t experienced the vast, sandy dunes, and wide open freshwater coastline yet. There are many little trails and beaches to explore, some iconic and recognizable, there are also other lesser known locations you can only find by discovering them yourself, or hearing about them through word of mouth. Each hill, trail, pathway, or dune is unique in it’s own way, and I love that.


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Plan your Northern Michigan Elopement Adventure!

I don’t limit myself to this one place though; it’s an ongoing mission to find new places to shoot. I’ve explored everywhere from Michigan to California, and I’ve discovered plenty of beautiful spots along the way. So if you’re seeking an adventure session outside of Michigan, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Josh Hartman – Traverse City Elopement Photographer

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