The Perfect Way To Say “I Do” | Elope at Sleeping Bear Dunes

An Elopement at Sleeping Bear Dunes is a beautiful way to get married without the pressure involved in planning a big wedding.

Imagine your day of unity being solely about the love you and your honey share, instead of being filled with the emotional, and financial stress of a traditional wedding.

More and more couples are considering the non-traditional adventures and simply choosing a beautiful location, exchanging vows in private, and making commitments to each other without feeling the need to please a large group of attendees. I fully support this growing defiance of formality and traditions.

Couple holding hands while reading vows during sleeping bear elopement session

Couple Sharing love filled vows at sleeping bear dunes with Josh Hartman

Non traditional couple runs towards glow of sun with Josh Hartman


Stunning Landscape Views | Sleeping Bear Dunes 

The Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Park is a great location in Michigan to get eloped for stunning landscape views, beautiful sunsets, secluded locations, with plenty of adventure in your day too. Katie and Bryan got ready together in their rental condo in Glen Arbor. When I arrived to start shooting, they were both calm but ready to embark on their adventure together. Then we headed off for their Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes elopement at Pyramid Point. 

Katie and Bryan ran around the dunes, laughter and play filling the day until they decided on the perfect spot for a ceremony at sunset. Their chosen location was a sandy cliff, overlooking Lake Michigan.

The adventurous couple shared vows and said “I do,” with only 2 of their closest friends in attendance – One to officiate and one as witness. This was actually the first wedding I signed as a second witness for their marriage. Leaving their shoot, I was filled with so much happiness that I carried their energy with me to sleep and was reinvigorated with that energy when I sat down to edit the photos from their special day.

Couple says vows on adventure filled day at Sleeping Bear Dunes with Josh Hartman

Couple holding hands while laughing and playing during elopement

Couple exploring the best spot to say I DO

Couple embracing revealing there love for one another through fascial expressions

A Dream Come True | Sleeping Bear Dunes Elopement

Mary and Owen were a dream to photograph. The affection they share for each other shows in their loving energy. We met at one of my favorite, lesser known spots in Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes for our adventure. The only expectation they had from me was at least one “ant shot” focusing on the landscape instead of them. I was ecstatic to share the photos from their special day.

Planning an Elopement | Let’s Get In Touch

As a traveler myself, I thrive alongside others who also seek adventure out of their shoots. If you’re planning an elopement reach out to me through my contact page! Let’s plan an adventure session together. 

Josh Hartman – Traverse City Wedding Photographer

Adventurous couple climbs tree during sleeping bear dunes elopement session with Josh Hartma

Groom leads Bride through trail during at Sleeping Bear Dunes Elopement Session

Eloping couple shares love through hand holding and facial expressions during session with Josh Hartman

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