In the heart of the captivating Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, a tale of love unfolded as Allie and Jordan eloped near the historic Glen Haven Cannery Museum. Initially planning a romantic escape for just the two of them, their family’s enthusiasm proved irresistible, turning their intimate elopement into a heartwarming family affair.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Elopement PhotographerCouple Getting Married Sleeping Bear Dunes Beach Elopement Sleeping Bear Dunes


A Beachside Ceremony with Precious Family Moments

With the glistening shores of Lake Michigan as witness, Allie and Jordan exchanged their vows in a short and meaningful beachfront ceremony. As their immediate family looked on, the couple’s bond was sealed amidst the gentle waves and serene beauty of nature. Laughter, hugs, and the cherished embrace of loved ones filled the air, creating unforgettable memories in the midst of the stunning Michigan landscape.


Small Elopement Ceremony Sleeping Bear DunesGlen Haven Elopement Photographer Sleeping Bear Dunes


Chasing Sunset Dreams at Sleeping Bear Point Trailhead

With the ceremony’s love lingering in the air, Allie and Jordan embarked on a journey towards the breathtaking Sleeping Bear Point trailhead, just a few minutes down the road by car. We met at the trailhead. Hand in hand, the two ventured barefoot through a picturesque tunnel of trees.

Emerging from the tunnel, the world opened up to a mesmerizing dune playground. As the golden hour bathed everything in its warm embrace, the couple embraced their creative spirits for a series of enchanting sunset portraits.


Sleeping Bear Point Trail ElopementSunset Elopement Sleeping Bear Dunes Sleeping Bear Dunes Elopement Photographer


An Unforgettable Elopement

Allie and Jordan’s elopement near the Glen Haven Cannery Museum was such a joy to capture. From a touching beachside ceremony to the joyous family moments that followed, and finally, the dreamy sunset escapade at Sleeping Bear Point, every step of their journey resonated with love, connection, and the splendor of nature.

Allie and Jordan, may your lives together continue to be as radiant as the sunsets you shared on that magical day.

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