Looking forward to a romantic couples’ getaway in Traverse City? Here are some delightful ideas to help you craft a memorable and joy-filled adventure. Let’s step into the beauty of last summer when I had the privilege of joining Olivia and Andrew for a heartwarming anniversary session at Good Harbor Bay Beach.

Fireside Bliss

As I arrived at Good Harbor Bay Beach, I was greeted by Olivia and Andrew, who had set up a cozy fire by the shore. Their thoughtful hospitality extended to fire-roasted treats and local beer, creating a delightful ambiance of togetherness. We gathered around the fire, sharing stories and indulging in snacks as the waves whispered their secrets nearby.


Couples Adventure Good Harbor BeachAdventurous Couple Traverse City


Dance to Your Own Tune

Olivia and Andrew’s playful spirit was perfectly captured as they danced around the fire. Their favorite tunes played in the background, creating a soundtrack of their love story. It was heartwarming to witness their joy and connection unfold in these candid moments.


Dancing on the Beach Couples Photography SessionFire on the Beach Good Harbor


Exploring Trails and Dressing Up

Olivia and Andrew slipped into a second, more dressy outfit. We wandered the trails surrounding Good Harbor Bay Beach, taking in the natural beauty that surrounded us.


Anniversary Session Good Harbor Bay Beach Couples Engagement Session Good Harbor Bay Beach


Paddling Into Happiness

With the fire’s glow still warming their spirits, Olivia and Andrew ventured onto the tranquil waters on a SUP board. Laughter filled the air as they navigated the board. They managed to share the board while Olivia took the lead.


Good Harbor Bay Beach Couples SessionGood Harbor Bay Beach SUP engagement


Cherishing the Simplicity

Olivia and Andrew’s anniversary session was a testament to the beauty of simplicity and authenticity. They incorporated their favorite things: delectable snacks, local beer, music that resonated with their journey, and shared water adventures. The result was an adventure that mirrored their personalities and the joy they find in each other’s company.


Fire on the Beach Northern Michigan Good Harbor Bay Beach Couples Getaway


If you’re seeking to celebrate your own love story with an anniversary session, let’s connect. I’m here to guide you through an experience that mirrors your unique bond, amidst the captivating landscapes of Northern Michigan.

Josh Hartman – Traverse City Anniversary Photographer