When Colleen first contacted me, she mentioned, “We will be in town celebrating our parent’s 50th anniversary. Looking to celebrate by taking a family portrait session. We are staying at the Homestead. We have one little one who will be 22 months so sunset might be too late in the day. 5-7pm might work.” I was thrilled to hear about their plans and the opportunity to capture such a special occasion.


The Homestead Resort Family Session


Photographing at the Homestead Resort

The Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor is one of my favorite locations for family portrait sessions. I’ve been photographing families here for years, and each session is unique and memorable. The resort offers a variety of picturesque spots that provide stunning backdrops for photos.


Glen Arbor Michigan


Favorite Photography Spots at the Homestead

  1. The River and Bridges: The gentle flow of the river and the charming bridges create a serene and beautiful setting for family portraits. 
  2. The Beach and Dunes: Just stepping out the back door of the condo, families can access the resort’s private beach. The combination of sand dunes and  clear water provides a classic Northern Michigan backdrop that is breathtaking.
  3. Wooded Trails: The lush greenery along the trails offer a more rustic setting. This spot is ideal for capturing candid moments hiking.
  4. Homestead’s Iconic Spots: There are numerous charming nooks and crannies within the resort that add character ts. Whether it’s near a beautifully landscaped garden or a fountain, these locations provide a variety of options for creating memorable images.


Glen Arbor Michigan Family Session


Planning Tips for Families Visiting the Homestead

For families looking to make the most of their visit to the Homestead Resort, here are some planning tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  1. Schedule Your Session: I found that late afternoon sessions around 5-7pm work well, especially when accommodating young children. This time frame provides beautiful lighting and avoids the harsh midday sun.
  2. Prepare for the Weather: Northern Michigan weather can be unpredictable. It’s a good idea to bring layers and cozy blankets, especially for evening sessions, to stay comfortable.
  3. Bring Essentials: For families with young children, bringing snacks, toys, and other comfort items can help keep the little ones happy and cooperative during the session.


Glen Arbor Michigan


Top Adventures at the Homestead and Nearby Glen Arbor

  1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore: Just a short drive away, this national park offers incredible views and hiking trails. The Dune Climb is a favorite activity for families.
  2. Kayaking and Canoeing: The Crystal River and Glen Lake are perfect for a peaceful paddle. These activities can be a fun way to see the area from a different perspective.
  3. Shopping and Dining in Glen Arbor: The quaint downtown area of Glen Arbor features charming shops and delicious eateries. It’s a great place to spend a leisurely afternoon.
  4. Bike Rentals and Trails: The Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail offers a scenic ride through the area. Bike rentals are available, making it easy to explore.


The Homestead Resort Glen Arbor Michigan


Photographing families at the Homestead Resort is always a joy, and it’s an honor to be part of celebrating significant milestones like a 50th anniversary. The resort’s beautiful landscapes and the nearby attractions of Glen Arbor provide endless opportunities for creating stunning family portraits. If you’re planning a family trip and looking to capture those special moments, feel free to reach out and schedule a session.

Josh Hartman – Glen Arbor Family Photographer


Homestead Resort Family Session