Chuck and Bree’s couples adventure after their ceremony in downtown Traverse City was a session filled with spontaneity and beautiful waterfront views. Traverse City offers an array of stunning backdrops, and we made the most of these downtown views. Here’s a look at the incredible places we explored and photographed.

Clinch Park by the Harbor

Our adventure began at Clinch Park, a perfect starting point with its picturesque harbor. The harbor’s vibrant energy set the tone for the rest of our session. Next, we moved to the nearby tunnel and bridges. The tunnel, with its unique artworks and interesting lighting, created a dramatic and intimate atmosphere for some of our photos. 


Downtown Traverse City Tunnel


Blooming Flowers and Murals Downtown

Traverse City’s downtown area is also adorned with beautiful murals, including the captivating flower and hummingbird murals. These works of art provided a unique and creative backdrop, perfectly complementing the joyful and adventurous spirit of Chuck and Bree.


Downtown Traverse City Murals


Bree’s Personal Touch and Perfect Clouds

Bree brought her own bouquet, adding a lovely personal touch to the photos. The bouquet not only complemented her attire but also added a splash of color to each shot. Despite being a 10 AM session, we were fortunate to have epic clouds that provided soft, diffused lighting. 


Clinch Park Downtown Couples Photographer


Planning Your Own Couples Adventure

If you’re considering a couples adventure in Traverse City, here are some tips to make the most of your experience:

  1. Timing: Consider the time of day for your photos. Early morning or late afternoon provides the best light and fewer crowds.
  2. Be Spontaneous: While having a plan is great, be open to spontaneous moments and unexpected spots that may arise during your adventure.
  3. Capture the Details: Don’t forget about the small details. Elements like a bouquet or a nice watch add depth and character to your photos.



Chuck and Bree’s couples adventure in Traverse City was a memorable and picturesque journey through some of the city’s most beautiful locations. From the tranquility of Clinch Park and the unique charm of the tunnel and bridges to the vibrant downtown murals, each spot offered something special. Bree and Chuck’s personal touches and the epic clouds of the overcast morning added even more to the magic of the day. If you’re thinking about your own couples session in downtown Traverse City, contact me talk plan your adventure!

Josh Hartman – Traverse City Couples Photographer


Downtown Couples Photographer