Northern Michigan, with its breathtaking landscapes and serene waters, provides the perfect backdrop for couples seeking an intimate elopement. From lakeside vows to sunset toasts, I’m excited to share three unique elopements to inspire your outdoor wedding.



1. Abigail and Morgan’s Casual Elopement on Torch Lake

Abigail and Morgan chose the familiar shores of Torch Lake for their elopement, utilizing their family property to host a small gathering of guests. Their day was the epitome of casual elegance, seamlessly transitioning from a heartfelt ceremony to a joyous reception. The highlight? The couple’s entrance on horseback, a testament to their adventurous spirit.

Tips for a Lakeside Elopement:

  • Utilize private property for a personal touch.
  • Consider transportation that reflects your style (horses, boats, vintage cars).
  • Plan for a scenic backdrop for your ceremony and photos.



2. Shana and John’s Sunset Dune Elopement in Frankfort, MI

Shana and John, along with their closest family, ventured from afar to the stunning Lake Bluff Preserve in Frankfort, MI. Their ceremony, set against the dramatic backdrop of a natural dune overlooking Lake Michigan, was nothing short of magical. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the couple shared toasts with their loved ones at a beautifully set table.

Tips for a Dune Elopement:

  • Rent a house that can accommodate your ceremony and reception.
  • Time your ceremony with the sunset for breathtaking photos.
  • Remove transportation hassles by having everyone stay right on site.



3. Erin and Isaac’s Photogenic Elopement at Willowbrook, Northport MI

Erin and Isaac began their elopement day with a photo session, showcasing their wedding attire against the quaint backdrop of downtown Northport. Their venue, Willowbrook Mill, with its creekside patio and iconic walkway bridge, provided endless opportunities for memorable photos. The staff’s attention to detail ensured their day was nothing short of perfect.

Tips for a Venue Elopement:

  • Choose a venue with diverse photo spots (bridges, patios, gardens).
  • Start your day with a photo tour in nearby scenic locations.
  • Find a venue that offers personalized services for a seamless experience.



Planning Your Elopement: Whether you’re drawn to the charm of Torch Lake, the dramatic sunsets of Frankfort, or the picturesque settings of Northport, these three stories are just a glimpse into the endless possibilities for your Northern Michigan elopement. For more inspiration, check out my Northern Michigan elopement gallery and contact me to start planning your elopement adventure.

Josh Hartman – Northern Michigan Elopement Photographer