Mark and Wade recently celebrated their beautiful small wedding at the Botanical Gardens of Historic Barns Park in Traverse City, a location that perfectly complemented their intimate and heartfelt ceremony. Their story and the stunning backdrop make for an inspiring tale, especially for couples considering a similar path.


Botanical Gardens Ceremony Traverse City


Unique Touches

One of the standout moments of their ceremony was a unique touch that involved their guests in a meaningful way. Mark and Wade hid their wedding rings under two guest chairs, creating a delightful surprise when the lucky finders discovered the rings during the ceremony. This thoughtful gesture added a layer of excitement and engagement for their guests, making them feel even more a part of the celebration. Additionally, one of their friends delivered a speech taken directly from an article in Elle magazine, which was both cute and original.


Ceremony Botanical Gardens


The Ceremony and Celebration

The ceremony took place in the serene Stable Garden at the Botanical Gardens of Historic Barns Park. The intimate setting, with just 17 people in attendance, allowed for a deeply personal and touching experience. The ceremony was about 30 minutes long. After, guests enjoyed drinks in the beautiful garden while we took advantage of the picturesque location for a couple’s session. We explored the gardens, capturing moments that Mark and Wade will cherish forever.


Traverse City Botanical Gardens Ceremony Botanical Gardens Traverse City Wedding Reception


Exploring the Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens of Historic Barns Park is a gem in Traverse City, offering a stunning backdrop for weddings and elopements. The gardens feature a variety of beautiful spots, from lush greenery to charming historic structures. The Stable Garden, where Mark and Wade held their ceremony, is particularly lovely, providing a tranquil and intimate setting perfect for small gatherings.


Wedding Botanical Gardens


Tips for Planning Your Elopement Adventure

For those planning their own elopement, here are some tips to ensure your day is as special as Mark and Wade’s:

  1. Personal Touches: Incorporate unique elements that reflect your personality and story. Hiding the wedding rings under guest chairs, as Mark and Wade did, can create memorable moments and engage your guests.
  2. Choose the Right Location: The Botanical Gardens of Historic Barns Park offers numerous beautiful spots for a ceremony and photo sessions. Consider locations that provide both aesthetic beauty and personal significance.
  3. Enjoy the Moment: Take time to soak in the beauty of your surroundings and the significance of your day. The candid moments often become the most cherished memories.


Gay Wedding Botanical Gardens Traverse City


The Elopement Package

Mark and Wade chose my 3-hour elopement package, which provides ample time to capture every precious moment, from the ceremony to a personalized photo session to family photos with time for all the combinations. This package is perfect for couples looking to have an intimate yet thoroughly documented wedding day.

If you’re planning your own special day, consider the unique touches and beautiful locations that made their day so memorable. Contact me today to chat about your elopement plans.

Josh Hartman – Traverse City Elopement Photographer


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