At Josh Hartman Photography, I believe that every proposal story is unique, just like the love it represents. From the sun-kissed shores of Glen Lake to the serene winter wonder of Old Mission and the autumnal majesty of Empire Bluff Trail, let these stories inspire you to find the perfect setting for your own unforgettable question.

Traverse City Glen Lake Proposal


A Summer Sunset Proposal on the Lake

There’s something about summer that amplifies romance, and Kaio knew exactly how to harness this energy. Planning a sunset proposal at the lakehouse, he gathered friends for a celebration in a beautiful AirBnB overlooking the water. The moment when Daniella said “yes” was magical, surrounded by loved ones and the warm glow of the setting sun.


Proposal Planning Glen Lake Group Proposal Planning Friends


Planning Tip: For a summer proposal, consider timing your question with the sunset to capture the golden hour’s natural beauty.


Proposal at Airbnb


Location Highlight: Glen Lake and Crystal Lake are both known for their crystal-clear waters and scenic views, making them an ideal backdrop for a romantic gesture.


Sunset Proposal Glen Lake


Winter’s Whisper: Joey’s Old Mission Proposal

Joey chose a crisp winter day for his surprise proposal at Mission Point Lighthouse. Their adventure didn’t stop there; a visit to Pyatt Lake Forest added a touch of enchantment, with its serene beauty offering a secluded spot for intimate photos.


Pyatt Lake Nature Preserve


Planning Tip: Winter proposals offer a unique charm. Dress warmly and embrace the season’s natural decor to enhance your photos.


Pyatt Lake Nature Preserve


Location Highlight: The Old Mission Peninsula is breathtaking in winter, providing a peaceful setting with its snow-covered landscapes and historic lighthouses.


Mission Point Lighthouse Proposal


Andrews Proposal on the Empire Bluff Trail

Andrew’s proposal to his partner on the Empire Bluff Trail captured the essence of fall. Surrounded by a canvas of orange and yellow foliage, the couple’s engagement was as vibrant as the leaves around them. The panoramic views of the lake below served as a stunning backdrop for their new beginning.


Fall Color Proposal Empire Michigan Empire Michigan Proposal


Planning Tip: Autumn’s colorful display offers a dramatic setting for proposals. Choose a day when the leaves are at their peak for the most visually striking experience.


Empire Bluff Michigan Proposal


Location Highlight: Empire Bluff Trail is renowned for its epic vistas and the rich tapestry of fall colors, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a mix of adventure and romance.


Fall Proposal Empire Michigan


Proposal Planning Tips

  • Timing is Everything: Consider the season and time of day for optimal lighting and ambiance. Each season offers a unique backdrop for your proposal.
  • Personalize Your Moment: Incorporate elements that are meaningful to your relationship, whether it’s a song, a special location, or a favorite bottle of wine.
  • Capture the Moment: Hiring a professional photographer ensures that this once-in-a-lifetime moment is preserved forever. I specialize in capturing authentic emotions and scenic beauty, making your proposal unforgettable.


Empire Michigan Fall Proposal


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