Captured in the enchanting embrace of Sleeping Bear Dunes, Erin and Joey’s proposal adventure unfolded with a stunning sunrise, adding a touch of drama courtesy of the windswept landscape. When it comes to weather at this breathtaking location, variability is the norm. For those considering a proposal here, my advice is to stay flexible and perhaps have a backup date on hand. Northern Michigan rain often dances in and out swiftly, and the ever-changing clouds can cast a captivating spell, just as they did for Erin and Joey’s momentous occasion.

Exploring the serene corners of Glen Arbor’s Sleeping Bear Dunes, I took time to scout the perfect spot. With a pre-shared Google map pin and an early arrival of at least 15 minutes, I ensured every detail was in place for the surprise. With heartfelt words, Joey knelt on the beach, and Erin’s radiant smile said it all.

After the unforgettable ‘yes,’ Erin and Joey and I wandered through the streets of Glen Haven, ascending dunes with bare feet for the most magnificent views. At the dune’s pinnacle, bathed in exquisite lighting, they danced, celebrating the beginning of their new chapter. Erin and Joey, your joy was an absolute pleasure to capture amidst the beauty of Sleeping Bear Dunes. Thank you for choosing me to be part of your magical day.

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Josh Hartman -Sleeping Bear Dunes Proposal Photographer

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