Hey there, I’m Josh Hartman, your go-to Traverse City photographer specializing in capturing heartwarming proposals across the stunning landscapes of Northern Michigan, including the picturesque Old Mission Peninsula and the captivating Sleeping Bear Dunes. If you’re seeking an epic proposal spot that resonates with your love story, I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into some pro tips for orchestrating the ultimate proposal adventure:

1) Choose Your Dream Location

With your ring ready and a date in mind, it’s time to pick the perfect location. Whether you’re up for a shorter stroll or a longer hike, I’ve scouted various spots that match your adventure preference. We’ll finalize the exact spot and time based on your plans and the weather. Check out my top scenic proposal spots here. Plus, I’ll provide a Google pin for precise navigation. Remember to plan for limited reception on the trail, and consider downloading offline maps just in case.


Old Mission Peninsula Proposal


2) Time it Right

Avoid bustling crowds and consider the lighting. Weekends and peak seasons can get crowded at places like Sleeping Bear Dunes. Opt for more private moments during quieter times. Sunrise and sunset offer magical lighting and intimate settings. Tune into your partner’s preferences – are they a morning person or a sunset enthusiast?



3) Add a Date to the Mix

A special occasion makes the proposal even more memorable. Get dressed up for a date and capture the magic. Explore local wineries, embrace sunset hikes, or enjoy a leisurely dinner – all fantastic options for framing your proposal.


Champagne Proposal


4) Keep it Relaxed

Avoid rushing and allow ample time to reach your chosen proposal spot to take full advantage of your photography session. I like to arrive 15-20 minutes before you get there to ensure privacy and prepare for the moment. Share your location with me and give a heads up if you’re running late. Keep your phone on silent for a genuine surprise.


Sleeping Bear Dunes Proposal


5) Send a Selfie

Before the big moment, share a selfie with me from earlier in the day. It helps me recognize you and signals that the proposal is coming. When you’re ready for the question, take a selfie together – that’s my cue to discreetly approach for the perfect shot.


Engagement Ring Proposal Photographer


6) Embrace the Weather

We’ll chat about the weather leading up to your proposal. Rain can add a unique touch to your story, and clouds can enhance the drama in your photos. Flexible planning can create stunning outcomes.


Chateau Chantal Old Mission Proposal


7) Include Loved Ones

Consider involving friends or family members in your proposal plan. They can set up a surprise picnic or be hidden nearby for an extra touch of magic. Just ensure it aligns with your partner’s preferences.


Friends Proposal Picnic


8) Stay Calm if Discovered

Keep calm if your surprise is uncovered – it happens more often than you’d think. Carry on with your plan, as your partner might not know all the intricate details.


Proposal Photographer at the Dunes


9) Confirm Details

Schedule a call with me a week before the proposal to confirm time and location. Keep my number handy on the day in case of limited reception. Texts often work when emails don’t, so stay prepared.


Sleeping Bear Dunes Proposal Photographer


10) Embrace Imperfection

Life is full of surprises, and proposals are no different. Don’t stress if things deviate from the plan – your effort and genuine intentions matter the most.

Reach out to me to craft your dream proposal adventure. Together, we’ll create an unforgettable moment against the breathtaking backdrop of Northern Michigan.


Josh Hartman – Traverse City Proposal Photographer