The biggest question I get when clients book me is “What should we wear for our engagement session?” And for the most part, your outfit depends on your individual style and where you are having your photos taken.

Overall, I want you to show your personality through your clothes and accessories just like you would if you were headed out for a very stylish date. However, here are a few helpful tips to give you some ideas while looking through your closet.

Proposal Adventure at the Dunes

Most of my engagement adventures take place at the dunes and I think that bohemian-inspired looks go really nicely with this type of scenery.

Accessories are awesome to incorporate with this look- like a wide brimmed hat, flower crown, bracelets, or big funky earrings.

Also, anything that can create motion in the photographs or blow in the wind- whether it’s long hair, a fringed vest, or a long dress, is a huge plus.

Proposal Photographer at the Dunes Anniversary Session Sleeping Bear Dunes

When thinking of colors- white dresses or anything in lighter colors contrast nicely in the dunes and forests while darker, richer colors pop on the beach.

If you’re planning your session on a chilly day- layers are your friend! Sleeping Bear Dunes can be quite cold in early spring and late fall, especially if there is a good wind blowing.

Engagement Sunset Sleeping Bear Dunes

For the dudes, I recommend a casual look. Jeans with plaids or subtle prints look nice and accessories are great. If he has a cool hat (cowboy, fedora, etc) he can bring that along too.

For both of you, I recommend wearing nice looking shoes you can easily walk around in. I have people walk around a lot in my sessions, but also want to make sure you both are comfortable.

Lastly, feel free to bring a second outfit. One casual outfit and one that’s more dressy is usually perfect. Depending on what adventure we have planned, you can always change back at the car, in a bathroom, or on the trail. It is also best to leave any extra outfits, cell phones, and sunglasses back at the car since I like to capture the entire experience and that way you’ll be hands free.

For more inspiration on what to wear check out my Traverse City engagement gallery.

And contact me today to book your engagement adventure.

See you at the trailhead!

Josh Hartman – Traverse City Engagement Photographer