Let’s introduce you to Paige and David, a vibrant couple residing in Traverse City, who are truly immersed in the essence of Northern Michigan. Recently, I had the honor of capturing their engagement photos in Leland, a charming harbor town nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan. Our journey through this picturesque destination was a celebration of their love and the natural beauty that envelops this quaint town.

Leland’s allure lies in its ability to offer abundant beauty within a compact area. Throughout the day, we ventured through a variety of captivating spots, each within close proximity. This diversity granted us a plethora of unique settings, making Leland the ideal canvas for their photoshoot.

With a profound affinity for water in all its forms—whether beside, upon, or within it—Paige and David embody a true connection to the outdoors. While Paige thrives on embracing new experiences and challenges, David finds solace in shoreline fishing. Capturing their shared love for water was a natural choice, providing a backdrop that resonated with their passion.



Their spirit is nothing short of adventurous; from exploring dog-friendly trails to conquering the Keystone Rapids of Boardman River, they immerse themselves in nature’s embrace. Paige encapsulated their bond perfectly, saying, “We are our best selves when we are in nature together.” Their shared pursuits, be it biking, hiking, camping, or paddleboarding, offer a reprieve from life’s hustle, enabling them to savor the present moment together.

Their engagement session was truly a joy, a reflection of their genuine connection and the splendor of Leland. If you’re ready to embark on your own engagement journey, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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Josh Hartman – Leland Engagement Photographer