Meet Paige and David, Traverse city residents, lovers of all things Northern Michigan and all around cool people. I recently took their engagement photos in Leland, a cute harbor town on Lake Michigan. We wandered around the harbor, explored the quaint streets and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset over the water. The great thing about Leland is that there is so much beauty in one small area. Throughout the day we were able to explore various different spots and capture unique settings all within a close distance of each other. Making for an ideal photoshoot location.

Water Lovers

Paige and David love all things water related, being near the water, on the water, in the water. She likes to take more risks, always trying something new, while David can be found happily fishing the shores. Whichever way they enjoy it, however, there is no doubt that the outdoors and water are of importance to them. So it only made sense that we took their photos near the water. Capturing one of their mutual loves and making for the perfect backdrop. 

They are an adventurous couple, to say the least. If they’re not out hiking a dog friendly spot, they can be seen at the Keystone Rapids of Boardman River! When asked what they like to do together Paige said “We are best ourselves when we are in nature together” My kind of couple! They bike, hike, camp, paddleboard and so much more. Doing these things together help them slow down from the hectic lives we often lead. To be present with each other, and in the moment. 

True Love

Above all, you could feel the love that they had for each other as we took photos and explored together. The way she holds onto him, the look in his eyes as he watches her. You can see they are made for each other. Of course, they have their differences, David thinks almost anything is funny, while you have to work for a laugh from Paige. But at the end of the day, they bond over the important things, the things that matter. And this is what has strengthened their love, a love you can clearly see and that made photographing their engagement a joy! 

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