When love is as vibrant as a summer’s sunset and as deep as Lake Michigan, it deserves to be captured in all its glory. Nicole and Tom, an active and adventurous couple, reached out to me for their engagement session at the Empire Dunes. Their love story is one of motion, with summers spent in the serene Torch Lake area and dreams of a Traverse City wedding on the horizon.


Engagement Session in Empire Michigan


Nicole and Tom brought a sense of openness and eagerness to their session, allowing for boundless creativity. Their vision was clear: they wanted their energy and love for each other to shine through in every photograph.


Empire Dunes Engagement Session


A Palette of Possibilities

The Empire dunes and its surrounding areas offer a diverse range of landscapes, from forested trails to water vistas. Their only preference was to schedule the session for late summer, just before the fall.


Empire Engagement Session Sunset


Chasing the Light

Our journey began in a sun-kissed meadow, where creative sun flares painted a mesmerizing backdrop to their love story. As the golden hour approached, we transitioned to a rustic setting near a historic barn. The warm, textured wood provided a charming contrast to the lush green surroundings.


Empire Dunes Trail Engagement


Nature’s Embrace

At the dune bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, I captured the silhouettes of Nicole and Tom against the expansive horizon. As the sun dipped lower, we ventured into the enchanted forest. Here, the last rays of daylight filtered through the leaves, casting a warm and magical glow on our couple.


Silhouette Couple Lake Michigan Empire Dunes Sunset


From creative sun flares in the meadow to rustic shots by a historic barn, Nicole and Tom’s Empire engagement session was so much fun to capture.

Are you ready to embark on your own engagement adventure? Whether you have a clear vision or are open to suggestions, I’m here to make your love story come to life through the lens. Contact me today to begin your photographic journey.

Josh Hartman – Empire Dunes Engagement Photographer

Sunset Light Empire Michigan Engagement Session

Couple Climbing a Tree Engagement Empire Michigan