In the heart of Old Mission Peninsula, where the vineyards kiss the bay and the golden rays of the setting sun turn the landscape into a painter’s dream, I embarked on a journey with Kathy and Scott. It was an anniversary session, yes, but it was so much more – a tale of two hearts that found each other early on in life and a union that deserved to be celebrated.


Old Mission Peninsula Anniversary Photo Session


Kathy and Scott’s story began in first grade, where they crossed paths for the first time. Little did they know that their lives would become intertwined in a way that’s rare and beautiful. Fast forward several decades, and they stand on the beach hand in hand. While they’ve been married for three years, very few knew about it. Their love story was hidden away like a cherished secret, shared only by the two of them. But secrets like this deserve to be celebrated, and love like theirs should be immortalized.


Traverse City Anniversary Session


As the sun dipped below the horizon, we explored the stunning landscapes of Old Mission Peninsula. I’m excited to share my favorite images from this extraordinary session, each a testament to their enduring love story. These photographs represent so much more than a typical anniversary session. They are an announcement – a declaration of their love, an unveiling of their relationship, and an introduction to the world they’re building together.


Old Mission Peninsula Couples Anniversary SessionAnniversary Session Traverse City Michigan


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Josh Hartman – Old Mission Peninsula Photographer