Are you ready to take the next step in your relationship and pop the big question? Planning the perfect proposal in a breathtaking location can create a magical moment that you both will cherish forever. As a Traverse City Wedding Photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing countless proposal moments, and I can’t wait to share my top 10 scenic locations in Northern Michigan for your proposal planning inspiration!

Planning Your Memorable Proposal:

When planning your proposal, make an effort to tailor the experience to your partner’s preferences. Think about what she loves and choose a location that resonates with her interests. Whether it’s a winery, a beach, or a scenic overlook, consider bringing champagne, packing a picnic, and going above and beyond to create a truly romantic atmosphere.

Keep the element of surprise intact as much as possible, as that will make the moment even more special. But don’t worry if she has a hunch; remember that it’s the thought and effort that counts.


1. Empire Bluffs:

A 20-minute hike through a serene forest leads to natural dunes overlooking the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan. While it can get busy during peak times, the view is absolutely worth it!Empire Bluff Trail Proposal Location

2. Stormer Road:

Offering the same beautiful view as Empire Bluff Trail, this location is less crowded, making it ideal for an intimate and romantic proposal.

Stormer Road Trail Proposal Location


3. Glen Haven:

With natural dunes overlooking the water and access to a picturesque beach, Glen Haven provides a stunning backdrop for your proposal. Consider proposing during less busy times, like early mornings or weekdays.


4. Old Mission Peninsula:

Head to Mission Point Lighthouse, where you’ll find a beautiful beach, majestic forest, and a secluded boat dock. This location offers a diverse range of picturesque spots for your special moment.

Old Mission Lighthouse Proposal Spot


5. Mari Vineyards:

Rent a patio at this lovely winery and enjoy a private view while savoring some delightful wine. After the proposal, explore the beauty of Old Mission Peninsula together.

Mari Vineyards Old Mission Peninsula Proposal


6. Pierce Stocking Drive:

This scenic drive allows you to access beautiful views of the water from the comfort of your car. For a more adventurous touch, hike to some epic dunes in just under 5 minutes.

Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive Proposal


7. Esch Road Beach:

Plan your proposal during the morning or late evening for a more secluded experience at this stunning beach overlooking the dunes.Esch Road Beach Proposal Location


8. North Bar Lake:

A more secluded beach option with breathtaking dune views of the dunes, perfect for a private and intimate proposal.

North Bar Lake Proposal Spot


9. Leland Fishtown:

A charming and historic fishing village with scenic views of the lake and docks, offering a unique and picturesque setting for your proposal.Leland Proposal Destination


10. Frankfort, Michigan:

Frankfort offers a beautiful beach, a historic lighthouse, and a vibrant downtown area. It’s the perfect combination of natural beauty and small-town charm, creating an idyllic setting for your proposal.

Frankfort Lighthouse Proposal Spot


Why Choose Me for Your Proposal Photography:

As a Traverse City Wedding Photographer, I specialize in capturing candid and intimate moments. My easygoing and friendly approach will help you both feel comfortable during this emotional moment. I thrive on adventure and will go the extra mile to help you plan the perfect proposal, preserving the memories of this magical experience for a lifetime.

When you’re ready to plan your proposal at one of these scenic locations, let’s connect and discuss the details to ensure everything goes smoothly for your special day. Your proposal adventure awaits, and I can’t wait to be a part of it!

Contact me today to start planning your unforgettable proposal.

Josh Hartman – Traverse City Proposal Photographer