As the first snowflakes blanket Northern Michigan, it’s not just winter arriving; it’s the start of proposal season! Many couples are envisioning that magical moment against the pristine canvas of snow, and for those considering Old Mission Peninsula, you’re in for an enchanting adventure. Let’s delve into the details of planning a snowy proposal that mirrors the uniqueness of your love story.


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Choosing the Perfect Location:

The key to a memorable proposal is the setting. Old Mission Peninsula offers a myriad of romantic spots, each adorned with a layer of glistening snow. Whether it’s the cozy ambiance of wineries, the timeless allure of Mission Point lighthouse, the untouched beauty of Pelizzari Natural Area, or the serene charm of the beaches and docks, the options are as diverse as your love.


Old Mission Snowy Proposal Session


Dressing for the Occasion:

Michigan winters can be chilly, but with proper attire, you can stay warm and stylish. Imagine the two of you bundled up, creating a picturesque scene against the snowy backdrop. Encourage your partner to dress warmly while maintaining a touch of elegance. Think cozy scarves, stylish boots, and, of course, don’t forget the gloves!


Old Mission Proposal Session Winter


Planning the Moment:

A snowy proposal calls for careful planning. Consider a car adventure with short 10-15 minute excursions to different locations on the peninsula. Plan the moment when the snowfall is at its most enchanting or during the soft glow of twilight. Discuss with your photographer (or me!) about capturing the proposal discreetly to freeze that magical moment in time.


Snowy Winter Adventure SessionSnowy Winter Proposal Adventure Session


Old Mission Peninsula transforms into a serene winter wonderland during these snowy months. Whether you choose the historic charm of Mission Point Lighthouse, the cozy intimacy of wineries, or the untouched beauty of natural areas, your snowy engagement will be a tale told for generations. Your snowy Old Mission proposal awaits. Contact me today to plan your adventure. ❄️💕 

Josh Hartman – Old Mission Proposal Photographer


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