This past weekend was nothing short of magical with two sunset proposals that showcased why the golden hour—the last and first hour of daylight—is the best time for such a special moment. Not only does this time offer the most beautiful light, but it also provides a sense of intimacy, away from the crowds.


Engagement Session Proposal AdventureEngagement Ring Dunes Proposal


The first proposal took place at Sleeping Bear Dunes near Glen Haven on the enchanting Sleeping Bear Point Trail. Taylor chose this spot for its breathtaking views over Lake Michigan and its soft sandy path, ideal for a romantic barefoot hike.


Sleeping Bear Dunes Sunset ProposalSunset Proposal Adventure Session


Taylor’s thoughtful planning included staying on one knee long enough to capture both photos and a video reel on my iPhone, making the moment truly unforgettable. After their big moment, the celebration continued with a scenic hike through the dunes, where even a porcupine shared his congrats to the happy couple.


Sleeping Bear Dunes Sunset Proposal


The second proposal brought us to Old Mission Peninsula, where Gregory chose a secluded beach near Mission Point Lighthouse.


Northern Michigan Beach Proposal


This private setting was perfect for a picnic and an intimate moment. Gregory’s cue for the proposal was cleverly disguised as a selfie, allowing me to prepare for Aleah’s authentic reaction against the stunning sunset backdrop.


Proposal Session Old Mission Lighthouse


Afterward, their joyous evening continued with a visit to the nearby lighthouse and the vibrant cherry blossoms in full bloom.


Mission Point Lighthouse Cherry Blossoms Old Mission Peninsula


Extra Tips for Planning Your Proposal:

  • Timing is Everything: Opt for the golden hour for soft, flattering light and fewer people around.
  • Location, Location, Location: Choose a spot that means something to you as a couple or one that offers stunning natural backdrops like Sleeping Bear Dunes or Old Mission Peninsula.
  • Dress Code: Consider a dress code or bring extra clothes. Planning around a dinner or winery visit can ensure your partner is dressed for the occasion, enhancing the photos.
  • Stay Prepared: Whether it’s staying on one knee a bit longer or planning a signal, these small details can make a big difference in capturing the moment.


Each proposal was beautifully unique yet shared the common thread of thoughtfulness and romance, set against Northern Michigan’s most picturesque landscapes. Are you planning to propose and looking for the perfect setting? Let’s make it memorable! Contact me today to plan your proposal.

Josh Hartman – Michigan Proposal Photographer