Welcome to Old Mission Peninsula, where nature’s beauty sets the stage for unforgettable moments. Fiona and Ryan embarked on a magical journey during their engagement session, and I’m here to share their enchanting story with you.


Pyatt Lake Engagement Session Old Mission Peninsula


Discovering Hidden Gems:

While many flock to Mission Point Lighthouse for its undeniable beauty, Fiona and Ryan chose to explore lesser-known, secluded spots along the peninsula. They sought the tranquility of the forest, where majestic pines created captivating vertical lines in every frame. A private meadow and a quiet dock at sunset added an extra touch of romance to their engagement session.


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Spectacular Sunset Moments:

Timing is everything, and Fiona and Ryan knew that scheduling their session during a quieter time would yield stunning results. Some of the most magical moments were captured in the forest with those towering pines and during the sunset photos on the dock after Fiona and Ryan changed into more formal attire.


Forested Old Mission Engagement Session


Avoiding the Crowds:

Old Mission Peninsula is no longer a well-kept secret; its spectacular charm has been discovered by many. To ensure an intimate experience during your engagement session, it’s wise to plan for less busy times. This way, you can savor the natural beauty without distractions.


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Your Tour Guide to Old Mission Peninsula:

Are you considering an engagement session or even a wedding on Old Mission Peninsula? As a seasoned photographer in this picturesque region, I can be your tour guide to some of the best spots. From the enchanting Pyatt Forest to the captivating Bower’s Harbor Boat Launch and miles of pristine shoreline, I’ll help you create lasting memories against the backdrop of Northern Michigan’s finest landscapes.


Sunset Engagement Session


Looking Ahead:

I’m beyond excited to be a part of Fiona and Ryan’s upcoming wedding at Crystal Mountain Resort. The natural beauty and rustic charm of this venue promise to make their big day truly remarkable.

Fiona and Ryan’s engagement session on Old Mission Peninsula was a journey into the heart of Northern Michigan’s natural beauty. I hope their story has inspired you to explore this enchanting destination and create your own memories amidst the tall oaks, towering pines, and stunning sunsets. If you’re planning an engagement session, elopement, or wedding in this scenic paradise, send me a message. I’d love to be part of your adventure.

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