In May, Sean and Jessica chose to embark on an enchanting engagement session in Empire, Michigan, a place close to their hearts due to their cherished family cottage on Long Lake.

“It’s always been a place we can escape to; where if you’d felt like sightseeing, you’d just have to step outside. We chose to have our engagement session there because it offered a fusion of family history and breathtaking scenery that you just simply cannot find elsewhere.” ~Sean


Couple Holding Hands Lake MichiganCouple at Sunset on Lake Michigan


These high school sweethearts initially crossed paths in a Spanish class, a class they now humorously admit they didn’t learn much Spanish from. Reflecting on their journey, Sean shared, “We met in a Spanish class, and needless to say, walked away having learned very little Spanish. It’s almost unbelievable looking back at that time and knowing we’ve made it this far, but what’s truly exciting is looking forward and carving a future for ourselves that we’ve been wanting for so long.”


Couple Embracing Hike Dunes in EmpireSleeping Bear Dunes Empire MichiganEngagement Session at Sleeping Bear Dunes


Last summer, Sean orchestrated a romantic sunset proposal at Chateau Chantal, and, to no surprise, Jessica said yes. They spent the rest of the day joyfully hopping between Old Mission wineries, surrounded by their loved ones. Sean and Jessica share a mutual love for wine tours, making it a tradition to visit vineyards along M-22, weaving through the picturesque landscapes of Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsula.

Beyond their love for wineries, this dynamic duo shares a passion for tackling crossfit workouts together. They’ve witnessed remarkable progress side by side, offering unwavering support as each other’s loudest (and occasionally most annoying) cheerleaders. Embracing their Michigander roots, Sean and Jessica revel in the pleasures of being on a boat, kayak, or paddleboard whenever they can.


Michigan Landscape Engagement Session


It was a true pleasure sharing one of my favorite local trails with Sean and Jessica during their Empire engagement session. I’m certain this spot will hold a special place in their hearts, a place they’ll revisit over the years. Capturing their love amid Michigan’s stunning backdrop was an absolute delight.

“The wonderful thing about Sleeping Bear Dunes is the serenity you feel when you allow yourself to get lost out there. Immersing ourselves at the coast, among the dunes, without another soul in sight for miles is like hitting a reset button on all the anxieties and stresses we carry up from downstate.” Sean’s words resonate deeply with the magic of this place. Thank you both for choosing to explore with me!

Josh Hartman – Empire Engagement Photographer

Engagement Session at Sunset in the Dunes Sunset Engagement Session at the Dunes